Rockwood RV for sale

Building travel trailers and tent trailers for 40 years, Forest River offers a wide range of recreational vehicles, including the Rockwood RV line. Whether it’s a small tent trailer, a travel trailer or a large fifth wheels, every Rockwood RV is always thoughtfully built and well equipped. The Rockwood RV line is thought to suit every budget and meet different needs for families and couples. Rockwood is truly committed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to its customers so they have the best camping experience they could. This is why each and every element of Rockwood RV are carefully considered and thought out, with an incomparable attention to details and quality in design and manufacture. This includes many reachable storage units, a solid independent suspension system, a strong and long-lasting construction, and also high-quality mattresses, and wooden cabinets, for example.

The quality of its products helps Rockwood to stand out in the RV industry, but it also distinguishes itself for its large number of floorplans and their innovative design. Rockwood products always offer a wide variety of feature sets and numerous optional features that will make you feel just like at home, in a cozy, welcoming and thoughtfully built interior.


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