Tent trailers for sale

Tent trailer, also called pop-up trailer or fold-down trailer, is a lightweight, compact and affordable folding caravan model. It has a partial canvas construction, with sliding ends where the beds are, and some recent models have a rigid roof. The tent trailer is a perfect choice for first RV buyers, for families with young children and for any people who wish to enjoy the RV experience while taking advantage of the benefits of this smaller and lighter model.

As a matter of fact, the tent trailer can be easily stored and towed. It can be maneuvered manually to be installed in tight camping spot or for storage. Most of the vehicles, even small compact cars, can tow it. Once you’re at the destination, tent trailer is easy and simple to install, and its layout offers a good living space. Its surface area almost doubled when it’s unfolded. Some models also have slide-out sections to increase the living space.

The tent trailer, just like other RVs, has a kitchen corner, a dining area and beds, some even has a small bathroom. It can accommodate up to 8 people and offers all the basic amenities. Way more comfortable than a simple tent, the tent trailer is really the perfect choice to live the RV experience while enjoying all the pleasures of camping. 

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