Fifth wheels for sale

The fifth wheel trailer is one of the most spacious RVs of the industry thanks to its split-level design. This kind of trailer has to be towed by a full-size truck with a specially designed trailer hitch attached to the bed truck. It’s precisely over the bed truck that the second level of the trailer is and it’s where the master bedroom or the living room sits.

Fifth wheel trailers are renowned to be really luxurious. They can accommodate up to 8 people and offer all the amenities of real home: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and a full bathroom. There are also a lot of storage spaces. Their design and layout are very similar to the one of a small house or an apartment. They usually have an abundant fenestration with a large panoramic window at the rear of the trailer.

Fifth wheel trailers come in a wide range of models, with numerous floorplan options and many optional features that enhance the luxury and elegance of the layout. Slide-out options are really common, up to 4 sides-out in some models, and easily give larger living areas. Those RVs are perfect for the one looking for adventure without any compromise on luxury and comfort.


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