Cargo trailer for sale

Outdoor and off-road vehicle enthusiasts, the cargo trailer, also called toy hauler, is the RV you need. It’s a sport-utility RV that allows you to easily move your toys while enjoying all the amenities of a classic RV: kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

Everything in the cargo trailer is thought out to maximize cargo space without compromising comfort. Beds, dinette and couches are designed to fold up against the walls. The rear space of the trailer, separated from the living area by a sliding door, is organized as a garage space. This area can also be converted into a patio, for more living space. The cargo trailer, regardless of its special layout, can accommodate up to 8 people.  

One of the major assets of the toy hauler is a swing-down ramp giving an easy access to load your equipment, whether it’s mountain bikes, kayak, motorcycle, snowmobile or other. Some models are winterized and include features to help you cope with cold temperatures: upgraded insulation, double-glazed windows, heated tanks, and a furnace.

The cargo trailer can be towed by most of the mid-size vehicle like SUVs and pickup trucks, and even by some smaller cars. Once you’re at your destination, you can detach your vehicle from your trailer, giving the liberty to use your car to fully enjoy your stay.


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