Jayco trailers for sale

Recreational vehicle manufacturer since more than 50 years, Jayco offers a wide range of RVs, from simple tent trailers to full-equipped fifth wheels. Renowned for the solidity of its trailers and the quality of their materials, Jayco has developed, through the years, a manufacturing method comprising personalized frames instead of prefabricated, welded and modified frames, which significantly increase the strength of the vehicle. Its unique roof system that can support a load of over 2,000 kg (which is 50% heavier than other roofs) provides an enhanced weather protection and contributes to the durability of the trailer. But beyond the quality of its products, Jayco is committed to develop manufacturing methods that are more sustainable and focused on reducing waste and energy consumption, helping to lead the RV industry into a greener approach.

Jayco trailers are always well equipped and get a very high level of customer satisfaction, thanks to their great stability on the road, and an easy and precise handling. Available in many different layouts, Jayco trailers are always thoughtfully built and designed in a way that the time you are passing on the road is as much pleasant as the one you are passing at your destination, because the route should always be part of the adventure!


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