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Motorhomes, also called campers, are RVs that perfectly combine transportation and housing in a much compact way. Their size can vary a lot going from small vans to large passenger buses. Due to the wide range of models available on the market, campers are mainly grouped into four classes: A, B, B+ and C.

Class A Motorhomes

The class A motorhome is the largest RVs of them all. Its length may vary between 21 and 40 feet long. On average, it can accommodate up to 6 people (passengers) and it naturally offers all the amenities of a home. We can nearly say that it’s a complete home on wheels. The class A motorhome is built on a specially designed chassis of a motor vehicle, and it’s powerful enough to tow a small car. Many slide-out section options are available to get a more welcoming and roomy living space. This camper class is renowned to be especially luxurious. Numerous floorplans are available and many optional features are offered, giving you the opportunity to choose a camper that truly meet your needs.

Class B Motorhomes

Smallest camper vans on the market, the class B motorhomes happen to be converted vans into campers. The living space inside is more limited, but always thoughtfully designed to offer all the basic amenities of a travel trailer: kitchen, resting corner, bathroom and beds. The small size of the class B motorhomes is clearly an advantage, making driving and parking much easier.

Class B+ Motorhomes

Those motorhome models are a hybrid between the B and C motorhome classes. They are built on commercial van chassis, which is bigger than the usual one use for class B. But they don’t have the characteristic sleeping bunk above the cab area.

Class C Motorhomes

The class C motorhomes are commercial vans converted into RVs with a sleeping bunk above the cab area. It offers all the basic amenities of a travel trailer in a more limited space, but some models offer slide-out section options to give you more space. This type of camper is powerful enough to tow a small car.

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