Wolf Pup trailer for sale

Wolf Pup trailers are part of the Cherokee RVs line manufactured by Forest River, a RVs line highly renowned in the industry. Wolf Pup trailers stand out for their smaller size and their lighter weight, without compromising on comfort and storage space. They are perfect for couples or families with young children. Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted by the toy hauler model that makes the transport of their off-road vehicles (AVT, snowmobile, dirty bike, etc.) way much easier.

Wolf Pup trailers can be towed by most of the family minivans and SUV thanks to their lighter weight. Their structure has an aerodynamic profile that reduces resistance causes by the wind, making them easier to tow and reducing transport costs. The trailer walls can be made of sheet metal or fibreglass, and the roof is made of one seamless piece. Just like the Cherokee RVs line, Wolf Pup trailers have a four-cylinder stabilization system that gives an exceptional stability while the trailer is installed at the destination. Many different floorplans are available and the layout is always thoughtfully designed to be as much functional as it can be. Doing so, Wolf Pup trailers proves that just because you're smaller doesn't mean you can't make it big! 


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