Montana fifth wheels for sale

The Montana fifth wheels are especially luxurious and have been named “best in class” for the last 19 years. The Montana RVs have received numerous prizes and recognition from the industry through the years, and are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and their innovative design. As a matter of fact, Montana was one of the first RVs to get a panoramic window at the front of the trailer, no longer relegating the second level for the bedroom. Many floorplans now offer to have a full kitchen and dining room at the front area of the VR. Some other floorplans offer to have the living area with the entertaining station on the second level, while others offer to have a full bathroom worthy as a spa. 

With more than 100,000 sold RVs, Montana is renowned to be really spacious. Its furniture is luxurious, and the various floorplans are always thoughtfully designed to give a warm, welcoming and functional living space. Thanks to its superior insulation, Montana fifth wheels remain comfortable down to 0°C, giving you the opportunity to extend the camping season. And unlike other companies, Montana has warranties that apply despite a continuous use. So it’s the perfect choice for the one who’d like to fully adopt the RV lifestyle.


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