Travel trailers for sale

The travel trailer is one of the most popular RVs on the market. Available in different sizes and models, it offers all the amenities of a real home and can usually accommodate up to 10 people. Thanks to its wide range of models, travel trailers can meet the needs of young families, occasional or regular vacationers and are perfect for those who wish to leave the RV life full-time.

The basic travel trailer naturally has a kitchen, a dining area, an entertainment station, bedrooms and a bathroom, but some high-end models also offer an office area, a garage, a rooftop patio, a fireplace, and a bay window. There are so many different floorplans available and a lot of them offer expending sides to increase the floor space. You can choose between so much option, you’ll be able to get a travel trailer that truly meet your needs.

The average travel trailer can be towed by mid-size vehicles including family car, SUV and pickup truck, with a hitch attached to the chassis or to the bumper of the vehicle. Lighter models can be towed by most 6-cylinder family vehicles. Larger models must be towed by heavy-duty vehicles, but there is no need for a special licence to do so.


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