Park model trailers for sale

Park model trailers, also called destination trailers, are recreational vehicles designed for seasonal use and are frequently used as second homes or cottages. This type of trailer is usually installed at one site location for the whole season, and it’s designed for occasional moves only. Park model trailers look alike houses on wheels, and have all the amenities of a home except for an independent electrical system for lighting and appliances. Therefore, they must be connected to utilities once they are installed. There is a wide range of models, from the most modest to the most luxurious.

Park model trailers are built on a single chassis with fixed or removable wheels. There are two kinds of park model trailers distinguished by their dimensions. The first one, which is 8 feet wide, is closer in weight and length to a classic travel trailer and must be towed by a heavy commercial vehicle, such as a pickup truck, and does not require a special licence to travel. It usually has one or two sliding sections giving more living space.

The second type of park model trailers consists of larger and wider models, with a width varying between 10 and 16 feet. Those models need to be towed by a specialized vehicle driven by a driver with the necessary licence to handle this type of load. The cost of travel, that may be expensive, and the choice of site location must be considered when purchasing this type of RV.


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