Sunset Trail trailers for sale

Manufactured by CrossRoads, Sunset Trail trailers are synonymous of quality, comfort and great value. This RVs line offers 3 models: Super Lite, Ultra Lite and the Grand Reserve, and the three of them are renowned to combine luxury and lightness. As a matter of fact, their aluminum structure gives a great solidity to the trailers and a lighter weight, which make the towing easier. Sunset Trail RVs stand out for their rounded roof and ceiling, giving more space in the trailer with a greater height. This feature gives the trailer a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere comparable to the one of a real home.

The 3 Sunset Trail trailer models offer more than 20 floorplans, which some have up to 5 extensions. This means there are many layout options available, and both families and couples can find exactly what they are looking for. The living areas are large and functional. The furniture is always of good quality, and there are so many optional features available that let you adapt your trailer to your needs. The superior insulation is a good example of those optional features, and it’s great because it gives you the opportunity to extend your camping season. Another great example is the optional second air-conditioner that gives you more comfort during the summer heat waves. Those optional features help you to maximize your camping season and enjoy even more the RV lifestyle.


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