Freedom Express RV for sale

Freedom Express RVs line, manufactured by Coachmen, offers many different models of trailer for all tastes, and budgets, giving you the opportunity to choose the RV that perfectly meet your needs. Some models are smaller and lighter, with more basic features, and are ideal for those who would like to live the camping experience in a simpler way. Other models are longer, and more spacious and luxurious, with different layouts that are similar to small apartment layouts, making you feel like in a real home. Regardless the model, many floorplans are available, with or without extensions, to give you all the space you are looking for. Some Freedom Express trailers also have a panoramic window at the front, giving a lot of luminosity to the living area.

Freedom Express RVs line distinguishes itself with its wide range of trailers, but moreover, it’s the PVC roof and the walls made of Azdel composite panels that make this line stand out. The Azdel composite is a material twice as light as wood, three times more insulating and also much more soundproof. It is also resistant to water infiltration, mould and rot. This material makes your trailer lighter, more comfortable and even longer-lasting so you can enjoy each and every camping season to come.


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